Coral Cliff Project

The Vogels and Van Alstede families have joined forces to develop the area at Santa Martha, Bándabou. In the area where the former Sunset Water Beach Resort (Coral Cliff area) is situated, a new four-star resort with a capacity of 300 rooms will be built within the next three years. The hoteliers Will and Robbin Vogels, and project developers Maarten and Philip van Alstede, will make use of a ground lease (erfpacht) for the 150,000 square meter land of Coral Cliff, with a coastline of one kilometer. All guests of the four-star all-inclusive resort can enjoy an amazing view of the sea from their room.


This investment project has a duration of 10 years and requires an investment of ANG 250 million. Aside from the hotels and facilities, a marina will be created for watersports facilities and other nature activities will be provided. According to the concept ‘farm to fork’, many products will be purchased from farmers and fishermen of Groot Santa Martha. The initial investment for the first phase is ANG 120 to 150 million and it will generate an estimated 250 jobs. The capacity will be expanded to 800 rooms in multiple phases, and the establishment divided into two or three hotels. The master plan of the resort will create employment for roughly 1000 to 1500 people.

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