Mangrove Park

Implementation of the Development Program of Rif started at the beginning of 2019. The goal of Program Rif is to develop Rif in a vibrant area for the local community and tourists.

The Development Program of Rif consists of three phases. In the current phase, phase 1, five public projects and three private projects in this area are developed or finalized. These projects are: infrastructure – adapting to the needs of the future, management and transportation of wastewater, a new road to connect the center of Otrobanda with the cruise terminal as an extension of Hamelbergweg, Mangrove Park 1, a canal connecting Mangrove Park 1 and 2 and a new road to facilitate traffic coming from the cruise terminal via the Rif stadium. The government will invest a total amount between 20 to 25 million guilders in the entire project. The private projects are Corendon Mangrove Beach Resort, Courtyard Marriott and the renovation of Renaissance Curaçao Resort & Casino.

The development of Rif is based on numerous strategic documents that were created in the past years. These strategic documents are the Master Plan 2007, Masterplan Rif of the Island’s Council, Strategic Vision Zakitó, Governmental Program 2017 and the Growth Strategy for Curaçao.

In preparation of the construction, the mangrove area will be cleaned to eliminate a mosquito plague and an unpleasant odor. In the second phase of this project, installations will be placed to build routes in the park where canoes can sail and people can walk. In the Master Plan, the conservation of mangroves is guaranteed, and only a limited number of dead, contaminated or dangerous mangroves will be removed.

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